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The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate, released a few years ago, is a public graphic that articulates the goals and aspirations that teachers, administrators, and parents have for our children. The image captures the learning and development experience of my children (who graduated in 2015 and 2019), long before there was a cool logo. As a member of the School Board I would work hard to protect and sustain these goals and aspirations. If you follow the communications from the Lakewood City School District, then you may already be familiar with how our teachers and staff teach these skills to, and instill these qualities in our students. Here are a few examples I’ve witnessed recently: 
Creative & Critical Thinking 

May was packed with concerts and shows and banquets that showcase the best of our students’ creative and academic education efforts. This creative learning takes place in small moments all year long, and all of the students, regardless of talent, have the opportunity to build up their critical and creative thinking skills. 


In mid-May I attended the final exam for the high school Practical Communications course. A few dozen community members shook hands and answered questions from the students who were practicing their interpersonal and networking skills. This is a fabulous synthesis activity exposing students to the real world.


The Lakewood High School Horticulture students are assigned community service hours where they volunteer in gardens and yards. For the past six years I have facilitated collaboration between students and The Beck Center to nurture
the garden spaces. The Beck Center staff are always impressed with the diligence and time that students contribute.

Growth Mindset 

I recently learned that a student was recognized for largest grade point improvement between 9th & 12 grade. The Franklin School of Opportunity (FSO) provides a comprehensive education in non-traditional formats for students who need and want alternative paths to graduation. A growth mindset curriculum is available for all students.

Global Awareness/Citizenship

Native- and foreign-born students study side-by-side in all the Lakewood City Schools. When our students and families learn about other cultures in such an organic way, they have a greater opportunity to build accepting relationships that will help them navigate an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.


H2O (Help to Others) and the Champs Café are perhaps the most visible programs that come to mind when thinking about encouraging empathy in our students, but there are so many other examples of empathy and social/ emotional health being fostered in the classrooms at all grade levels.

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